What is a Basket?

According to Merriam Webster, a basket is a container usually made by weaving together long thin pieces of material.

Other creatures have found weaving to be beneficial as well.

  • Spiders "weave" webs to snare their prey
  • Birds "weave" nests to shelter their young
  • Catapillars "weave" a cocoon as protection during metamorphosis

Why do People Weave?

Since early man appeared on the face of the Earth, he has looked for a better way to accomplish daily tasks of survival. Somewhere along the way, man may have noticed how vines twine together making it difficult to penetrate. Maybe he saw how trampling fallen pine needles matted together. However the properties were discovered, man utilized these to form vessels for storage, transport, and measure.

This site will explore my venture into one of the styles that evolved from early man's discovery, Rib Baskets.

What Makes a Rib Basket Different?

Most baskets start with either a wooden or woven base. Their shape is formed as you weave up the sides. Rib Baskets start with the handle or hoop and ribs. These ribs set the shape and become the bones of the basket right at the start. In these pages we will explore several styles.

My basket journey budded as a friend introduced me to a renowned rib weaver in my area, Anne Bowers. She led me and others through the next year with a series of classes she called "Ribs 101". Each basket involved a new skill that built on the last. Through these pages are woven what was shared. Our venture is continuing to blossom as we look forward to "Ribs Advanced".

Beautiful reed dyed by Anne

Beautiful, vibrant colors created by Anne!